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The hallway

Front Parlor #1

Front parlor East wall

Front Parlor reflection caught in a pier mirror

Front Parlor south wall. with severe water damage  from roof leak. Light from second floor can be seen.

East side of dining room looking toward hallway.

The dining room. Antique letters scattered on the floor by desk treated as if they were rubbish.

The kitchen. A few changes in cabinets evident through the years.

This safe sits at the edgr of kitchen by passageway to the dining room. Note trash on left.

The southeast bedroom has the most damage as it's beneath the hole in roof. It is heartbreaking to see no concern for the furnishings and personal effects! whatsoever!

Additional bedrooms. Their possessions carelessly rummaged through and tossed about.

Steps to attic

A portion of the attic.

The schoolhouse (L) after Storm Sandy. (M) 4/2018. (R) view of  the gut-renovated interior. An excellent Community House candidate for multiple uses after first serving as our restoration & archive studio!

The pond in the 1970's and now filled with junk...

The garage. This would become our farmstand

Rear of garage showing damaged bump-out.

View of West Silo and stables, then and now. In the early 1900's the farm was well known for breeding harness racing horses.


Row of Poultry barns and corn cribs 1977

Horse/Cow barn, 1977

Horse/cow Barn, 2018

Milk house, 1977

Milk House 2018

Hay barn and East silo, 1977

East end of horse/cow barn and silo 2015

18th century barn, 1977

Sheep Barn Circa 1750    2015

 Carriage Barn- 2015

Inside the carriage barn: The family      buggy front and rear. At rear is the heavy leather rain cover for          the driver!

The Horse/ Cow barn early 1990's after it was restored by BOCES 

The Horse/Cow barn April 2018

sheep barn C. 1750-  2015

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